About Us


Snapos Real-Estate have developed select mentorship programmes designed for investors from all walks of life.
Our mentorship is designed to educate you in multiple investment strategies such as but limited to: Lease Options, Rent to Rent, Serviced Apartment, House of Multiple Occupancy, Below Market Value. We believe that this will enable you to source your own investments or join Snapos Real-Estate’s elite affiliate programme which allows you to generate an income.
We also believe when you take the time to develop a strong mentorship relationship, with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, you can end up with a lifelong friend and potential future business partner. We believe our mentorship will elevate both your professional and personal capabilities.


Snapos Real-Estate Ltd. is a company bringing together great investment properties and busy professionals. If you’re looking for Investment properties offering returns in excess of 20%, Snapos Real-Estate Ltd can help. We have a team of sourcer’s who are very effective in combing for properties all through the country, all of which must meet our strict criteria before we will consider passing them to investors. Snapos Real-Estate have great relationships with estate agents through-out the country and as a direct result of this we often get informed of great properties before they even hit the open market. We regularly get offered properties at discounted rates for a quick sale, Lease option opportunities and properties in need of refurbishment at seriously reduced prices.


We can provide guaranteed rent for landlords, for 3 years or more - whether the property is occupied or not! You will no longer have to worry about property viewings, advertising, finding new tenants or voids.
We will essentially be your ideal tenant. No more late night phone calls, unexpected costs or tenants issues. You can just sit back and relax. We provide a fast and hassle free property management service. We charge no fees and we contribute to the cost of any required maintenance. After the contract, your property will be in the same condition or better!